Private Equity

We have significant experience and strong relationships with Private Equity funders that we use to the benefit of our clients. We know what Private Equity investors look for and we understand how to make the right calls for you as to how to present your business in the best possible light to these investors.

Private Equity can provide a number of different exit options in varying circumstances and we will help you to assess the impact of Private Equity on you and your business.

Private Equity funding can also be used to assist with other long term strategies devised as part of an Options Review, such as Company Acquisitions, or unlocking growth opportunities that would not be possible without the additional funding.

Unlocking Private Equity

Raising equity is an effective way to fund future growth. This could sit alongside existing or new debt, or on its own, depending on your business and the purpose of the funding.

This could be to fund company acquisitions, significant investment such as CAPEX or increasing the size of the team with the ultimate aim of growing the business to help achieve your long term growth prospects.

A sale of your business to Private Equity could be the most appropriate route for you, depending on the business itself and shareholder goals.

Private Equity investors look to back management teams to grow the business in order to make a financial return. This could be the existing management team, a new management team or a combination of both.

If the business you work for is being sold to a Private Equity investor, we can help you negotiate the key financial, commercial and legal terms for you including your equity stake, shareholder rights and ongoing service agreements. We liaise with the Private Equity investors at the appropriate time so your terms are agreed on the most optimal terms.

Sometimes a full sale of the business may not align with the immediate shareholder strategy, so selling a minority stake in the business is a good way for you to de-risk your position financially and help fuel potential growth in the business.

We have extensive knowledge of the market and relationships with all these specialist minority investors.